The Real Devil Worshippers

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The Devil Worshippers; who are they, really? They are ordinary-appearing folks, your next-door neighbor, school teachers, the gas-station attendant, convenience store clerk, or insurance agent. They are tax-paying, law-abiding citizens who watch TV, eat regular un-peculiar meals and keep their houses and lawns tidy. Yet they meet regularly in rituals where they call Satan's name to keep fear and superstition alive, to conspire how to spread their practices and keep evil alive on Earth. This is their only interest; and they, using carefully disguised titles, purposes and organizations, insinuate themselves into every fabric of our society: radio stations, newspapers, government agencies and schools. They have been so historically clever that we, their neighbors, relatives, co-workers and friends, do not notice their true agenda, for they use our emotions, our fears and our uncertainties to disguise themselves and divert our attention from the transparency of their motives. They are after One-ness for all--not diversity--and are obsessed with this mission. They are dangerous because they are so invisible.

How can we possibly know them? Simple. They are the ones who meet every Sunday at most "Fundamentalist" churches, and who always see the Devil everywhere in something or someone who doesn't fit their agenda. They smile insincerely a lot. They look through you when they talk to you. They quote contradictory Biblical scripture in public and always want to pray for and with you. They speak unintelligibly at times. They parade their piety in profligate ways, prefacing their statements with "I'm a Christian, therefore..." as if to say it confers them with honors and privileges others do not have. They are selective with their integrity. And, they are never, never mistaken.

It's easy to see now why they are so difficult to distinguish at first. For the rest of us rational humans who left those superstitious beliefs in demons and devils behind in the Dark Ages, such practices seem absurd and insane; our own tolerance is our Achilles' Heel. But if we, just once, could know how really serious these people are about keeping Evil alive, it would frighten us to the point of taking appropriate action to prevent another long period of Darkness. You see, it's not the unknown we should fear; it the known evil in the twisted minds of a human minority that can very well enslave the rest of us.