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Spider Johnson is truly a Renaissance man. As a professional artist, he works in various media--bronze, watercolor, acrylic--but primarily wood to create rare and beautiful artworks using a vast palette of different wood species in an extremely complicated artform called Marquetry. He is a musician who plays several instruments (the musical saw being the most unique), performs original Texas music, and has recorded and performed with music notables over the last 30+ years. He is also a writer, with works ranging from satire to wilderness essays to contemporary tranformational philosophy and an eternal purveyor of beauty, irreverence and liberty, among other topics. He is also a photographer, VW mechanic, computer wizard, marrying minister, motorcycle rider, fly fisherman, backpacker, friend to many and exotic tequila fancier. Humor is a priority. His family likes him.

Spider is also a Past Master of a Masonic Lodge in Texas and has produced many masonic-related writings, many of them published in a lodge trestleboard which he edited for several years. He served in the Texas State Senate as a press agent and left government as soon as possible to get into an art career.