Statistics On The Mural

©1987 by Spider Johnson
Here's a pic of the mural's unveiling
Number of Man-hours to make: Appx. 1500
Number of Separate Pieces of Wood: Over 5000

Species of Wood Used (80 Total):

Acacia, Ash Burl, Ash, Aspen Crotch, Aspen Stripe, Avodire, Beech, Bekoti, Benge, Benin, Birch, Bird's-Eye Maple, Brazilian Rosewood, Brown Oak, Bubinga, Butternut, Carpathian Elm Burl, Cherry, Chinawood, Choice Harewood, Curly Maple, Custom Dyed Veneers, Dean Co. Italian Manufactured Veneers, East Indian Laurel, East Indian Laurel, East Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Elm Burl, Elm, English English Harewood, Eucalyptus, Fiddleback Mahogany, Figured Ash, Figured Gumwood, French Olive Ash, Gonçalo Alves, Hickory, Holly, Honduran Rosewood, Imbuya, Koa, Lacewood, Limba, Madrone Burl, Mahogany, Makore, Maple, Mottled Harewood, Olive Ash Burl, Orientalwood, Padauk, Paldao, Pearwood, Pecan, Persimmon, Poplar, Prima Vera, Prima Vera, Purpleheart, Red Oak, Redwood Burl, Sapele Pommel Figured, Sapele, Satinwood, Sen, Spicewood, Stripe Mahogany, Stripe Walnut, Swiss Pearwood, Sycamore, Tamo, Teak, Tulipwood, Walnut Burl, Walnut, Wenge, White Ash Burl, White Oak, Yew, Zebrawood

Overall Size: Four feet by eight feet
Type of Plywood Backing: Baltic Birch 6mm 9-ply
Method of Clamping: Vacuum Press by Darrell Kiel
Marquetry Method: Patch-pad, cut w/Hegner scrollsaw
Type of Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer, hand-rubbed

Animal Species Represented (78 Total):

10 Moth, African Lion, Agile Wallabies, Beaver, Bengal Tiger, Bighorn Sheep, Bird-eating Spider, Black Bear, Black-tailed Jackrabbit, Bottllenosed Dolphin, Burying Beetle, Cactus Wren, Caribou Skull, Caterpiller Hunter, Ceratium Dinoflagellate, Collard Lemming, Common Rhea, Common Tern, Coyote, Desert Kangaroo Rat, Dragonfly, Emerald Tree Boa, Ermine, Ghost Crab, Giant Clam, Giraffe, Gomphonema Diatom, Great Horned Owl, Grouper, Harvest Mouse, Herring, Horned Toad, Iguana, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Javelina, Kinkajou, Krill, Leaf-cutter Ants, Lemming, Lowland Gorilla, Lubber Grasshopper, Lynx, Macaque, Moray Eel, Mudskipper, Murique, Musk Ox, Orb Snail, Pickerel Frog, Potter Wasp, Prairie Falcon, Predacious Diving Beetle, Pronghorn Antelope, Red-breasted Toucan, Red Diamondback Rattlesnake, Red Fox, Ruby and Topaz Hummingbird, Sand Dollar, Scarlet Starfish, Scorpion, Sea Fan, Siberian Ruby Throat, Smallmouth Bass, Snowy Owl, Sphinx Larva w/cocoons of Brachonid Wasp, Striped Skunk, Surgeon Fish, Swallowtail Butterfly, Tadpole, Tapir, Tent-making Bat, Termite and Mound, Three-toed Tree Sloth, Tomopteris Worm, Water Schrew, White- tailed Deer, Willow Ptarmigans, Wood Duck

Specific Plant Species Represented (46 Total):

Acacia Trees, Apple Tree, Aspen Tree, Barrel Cactus, Bearberry, Beech Tree, Bell-shaped Panaeolus Mushroom, Bristlecone Pine Stump, British Soldiers Fruticose Lichen, Bromeliad, Buttercup, Century Plant, Common Mushroom, Coral Tree, Cotton Grass, Cottongrass, Dwarf Birch, Fir Tree, Fly Amanita, Foxtail Barley, Green Mushroom, Joshua Tree, Liana Vines, Lichen, Linden Tree, Maple Tree, Mariposa Flower, Norway Spruce Tree, Oak Tree, Ocotilla, Orange Lichen, Orchid, Pink Lady Slipper, Ponderosa Pine Cone, Prickley Pear, Red Lingon Berries, Ring Lichen, Sage, Seaweed, Sequoia Tree, Skunk Cabbage, Spinifex Grass, Trumpet Gentian, Walnut Tree, White Pine Tree, Willow Scrubs, Wood Cranesbill Flower


Biomes Represented: (11 Total):

Alpine, Coniferous Forest, Coral Reef, Deciduous Forest, Desert, Grasslands & Savannahs, Ocean, Pond & Stream, Rain Forest, Seashore, Tundra