On the three marquetries, the Solitary shadow-memory cowboy lingers as a reminder of a brief era, yet is a powerful icon of timeless adventure and detached freedom. The Antler is an Echo of Life's persistence; all that remains is natural selections's calcified emblem. The Yellow Snake, the Cosmic Traveller who is a recurring symbol in our work, travels through the marquetry tryptich, escaping the lasso's snare. The convoluted sculpted surfaces and overall shape suggests a blend of the organic nature of our earth with the Universe's raw, elemental stone and slag. The flying stones, density personified, represent Ultimate Freedom. Oh yes-the title is an acronym, an essential Conundrum of What and Who we are and How we can come to know that, and the mirror serves to give us a distorted glimpse of our Dark side. The Lamp reminds us that even the smallest Light brightens the darkest Darkness, bringing a balance.
Solitary Echoes Love Freedom
Medium: Fine Art Wood Marquetry
©1997 by Hunt-Johnson