This commissioned wall piece depicts two altars in the endless Desert, hers on the left, his on the right. The sculpted portal, with the two encircling gold rings hanging between the altars, promises an even greater union in the next world. The cave of mystery hides an air conditioning vent beneath the altar stone.
The Untarnishing Gold Rings unite their forces, necessary balance for the challenging Journey bound by a Sacred Promise, Strong through Love.


"Dream Promise"

To begin Eternity's Journey, step through the Portal to the Dream Canyon, the Opening to the Other Side.

Two Altars united, Her Wisdom on left, His Action on Right, which allows only entrance through Portal. Broken pot shows her lovingly-used receptivity, Vessel of history and waiting; he offers Spirit Horses for passage together, asking her hand for completion, under the Stone Talisman's blessing.

Morning Glorys bloom at Daybreak, Time of New Beginnings; Faith springs magically from a barren land.

The River travels quick and slow on its endless cycle, connecting all things in This World, bringing to Awareness the Inner Knowing, while Brambles protect exit from Cave of Mysteries, the Darkness of painful origins--the Unknown.

The artists at work on this piece